Polycom VVX 400 Series: Extended Buddy List

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Differences Between VVX 300 Series and VVX 400 Series

The most noticeable upgrade seen in the Polycom VVX 400 series is the increase in the amount of buttons around the screen. Polycoms in the VVX 300 series have six buttons while Polycoms that belong to the VVX 400 series have 12 buttons.

The increase in the number of buttons means that users can double the amount of people they add to their Buddy List when using Polycoms from the VVX 400 series.

Polycoms that belong to the VVX 400 series have bigger display screens compared to their counterparts. Moreover, the hardware in the VVX 400 series runs faster and smoother than in the VVX 300 series. The larger display screen and the faster hardware make it easier for users to handle more simultaneous phone calls.

Similarities Between VVX 300 Series and VVX 400 Series

Polycoms pertaining to either series benefit from HD Voice on all audio paths, including the speaker, handset, and headset. The HD Voice technology creates an unparalleled voice clarity and generates more efficient and productive calls.

Both Polycoms from the 300 and from the 400 series are simple to deploy and easy to administer, upgrade, and maintain. They leverage previous IT infrastructure investments so you don't need to upgrade your call control platform.

Who Needs to Upgrade to the VVX 400 Series?

Managers who supervise teams of 7 people or more can benefit from a larger Buddy List.

Managers can use the Presence Monitoring feature for team members on their Buddy List to control the team's productivity.

Front Desk Receptionists can benefit from an upgrade to the VVX 400 series since their role requires handling a large influx of phone calls.

In the absence of a Front Desk Receptionist, team members who are on a Hunt List or on a Ring Group with other members can easily assess the need to pick up the call if other members were not available. By using the Presence Monitoring feature and the larger Buddy List, employees can manage incoming calls themselves.