Polycom VVX 311: A Powerful Business Media Phone

VoiceOnyx is an upscale office phone service provider that strives to offer its clients' only the best phone system products. The Polycom VVX 311 is the business phone VoiceOnyx recommends to medium-sized offices of about 10 phones. Clients are very satisfied with this model and love the huge hardware and software improvements the newest version has to offer.

LCD Screen and HD Voice

The Polycom VVX 311 is a powerful business media phone that is part of a complete office phone system. Its large backlit grayscale graphical LCD screen enables users to easily maneuver around calls and callers. Users can see who is on hold, manage incoming calls, and quickly transfer callers.

The Polycom VVX 311 is the perfect complement to a high-end business phone system. Its HD Voice technology is present on all audio paths, including the speaker, handset, and headset. Moreover, the VVX 311 makes more efficient and productive calls due to the unparalleled recording clarity of its microphone.

Popular Buttons

VoiceOnyx clients love the six buttons at the top of the Polycom phone. The six line keys are typically set up for one or two incoming lines and for four or five “Buddy List” members, also called speed dial keys.

The Polycom VVX 311 offers Asian character support, thus making this business media phone part of a complete multi-lingual office phone system. The Polycom is equipped with the most popular hard keys:

  • 12-Key Dial Pad
  • Mute
  • Messages
  • Home
  • Headset
  • Hold
  • Speaker
  • Volume
  • Transfer 

Increases Productivity and Reduces Costs

The Polycom VVX 311 is a very popular business VoIP phone because it is cost effective and user-friendly. Its intuitive user interface improves productivity for cubicle workers and for call center operators. Moreover, its unsurpassed voice quality and clarity generates more efficient and productive calls.

The Polycom VVX 311 reduces deployment and maintenance costs since it is simple to deploy and easy to administer, upgrade, and maintain. This business VoIP phone saves money by leveraging an existing network so its users can avoid upgrading their call control platform.