Polycom VVX 201: Simple, Clear, and Uncluttered

The VoiceOnyx Vault is Florida’s main source of Polycom products that are available in-store and online.

The Polycom VVX 201 is a simple yet powerful phone that is perfect for retail environments, call centers, and common areas such as the lobby.

Key Features

The Polycom VVX 201 allows staff to make efficient and productive calls because the phone’s HD Voice technology offers a clear and uncluttered sound.

The HD Voice technology is particularly useful in retail environments because the Polycom technology reduces background noise and enhances the communication between the two parties.

Call centers certainly benefit from using the Polycom VVX 201. The phone enables customer representatives to log in and out of the queue thus enabling them to answer calls and to take breaks whenever needed.

Call center staff can easily log in the queue by pressing a button and entering their extension. The staff does not need an assigned desk in the call center as they can log in from any Polycom phone in the office. Staff can also work from a virtual office if needed: they simply log in the queue and have access to the calls.

The Polycom VVX 201 is the perfect ally when it comes to providing a professional feel to the customer interactions. The HD Voice technology truly enables the customer representative to focus on the client’s needs without worrying about sound interruptions, or distorted communication. The client care specialist will never have to apologize for the poor quality of the call.

No Buddy List

It is important to note that the Polycom VVX 201 does not have a Buddy List. While such a feature is most likely irrelevant to call center staff, it could be a deal breaker for managers and for office staff.

The Buddy List is available on all Polycom VVX phones from 300 series and upwards. Certain employees might certainly benefit from an upgrade, especially if the Buddy List is central to their job.

The VoiceOnyx Vault is Florida’s most popular source of office phone systems and offers a wide range of Polycom products. Small business owners will most certainly find the Polycom phone suited for their specific needs.